Rising Spotlight: Mister Sparky Gives Holiday Light Safety Advice

It’s a beautiful time of year in neighborhoods all across Charlotte. Holiday lights and displays are going up everywhere.

But it’s also a time for homeowners to be especially careful when it comes to electricity and the threat of fires.

Here to help is Rusty Wise with Mister Sparky.

  1. Extension Cords: What should we know about them?
  2. Should our outdoor lights be on timers?
  3. How do you reset receptacles tripping?
  4. Be mindful of Christmas tree dangers: Cords, dry trees, and make sure your smoke detectors are working!
  5. Another danger this time of year…space heaters.
  6. Other safety tips for this time of year?

Call Mister Sparky at 704-323-8006.

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