Redistritamento do Conselho Municipal de Charlotte: nossa posição agora

Redistritamento do Conselho Municipal de Charlotte: nossa posição agora

District 2 Charlotte City Council representative Malcolm Graham provided updates Monday morning on where the city’s Redistricting Committee stands in redrawing city council districts in Charlotte.

Graham, who chairs the Redistricting Committee, took questions from media and discussed how the redistricting process will work, along with whether any seats will be added, as has been discussed by other council members in recent weeks.

Graham addressed suggestions that Charlotte City Council take advantage of the new redistricting plans to add an eighth district. Republican district rep Tariq Bokhari has suggested that the committee replace one at-large seat with a new district representative, while Democratic at-large rep Braxton Winston suggested council keep its at-large seats and simply add an eighth district, increasing the total number of council seats to 12. 

At Monday morning’s press conference, Graham said no such plans are currently in the works.

“The goal and the objective of the committee is to follow the charge as presented by the mayor and council,” Graham said. “Adding an eighth additional district or deleting an at-large one to accomplish that was not embedded in the charge we were given by the mayor and the council. So the redistricting committee will not be going in that direction unless otherwise authorized by the mayor or council.”

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