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New Marketron REV Platform in Charlotte Streamlines Sales Processes to Drive Growth

New Marketron REV Platform in Charlotte Streamlines Sales Processes to Drive Growth

Marketron, a broadcast industry technology provider driving more scalable, predictable and reliable revenue, today launched Marketron REV, a sales growth platform purpose-built for broadcast TV and radio sales professionals. The company says “unifying the entire sales process on a single platform, Marketron REV streamlines customer, proposal, and order management processes so that sellers can focus more time and energy on selling.”

“Marketron REV transforms the sales process with unprecedented efficiency, so sellers gain the freedom to focus more time on hitting quotas,” said Jimshade Chaudhari, Marketron senior vice president of product. “Because the platform eliminates redundancies, automates administrative tasks, and empowers broadcasters to price inventory more accurately, sellers no longer have that swivel chair experience. Simply put, the Marketron REV platform accelerates revenue.”

Equipped with an integrated CRM, Marketron says REV “streamlines customer management to make it easy for salespeople to track opportunities. Visual dashboards and filtering options give sellers greater control in managing and monitoring their deals. The platform ensures proposal and order accuracy with real-time insight into avails. Its optimizer feature automatically places spots based on customizable cost efficiency or even placement settings. Advanced algorithms drive dynamic pricing directly from existing traffic systems, allowing Marketron REV to set spot prices automatically that maximize revenue based on current fill rates, timelines, and other key factors.”

Rick Ducey, managing director at BIA Advisory Services, notes: “Scalability and efficiency across the sales process are crucial for broadcasters to grow revenue. By consolidating much of the workflow, platforms like REV allow salespeople to focus on revenue-generating activities. We see a significant need for this as competition for ad dollars increases.”

Sellers can convert proposals to orders in just seconds, send them for rapid approval, and execute them in most TV and radio traffic systems, including non-Marketron platforms such as WideOrbit. With configurable settings for floor and ceiling rate controls, as well as discount tolerances for each salesperson, Marketron REV accelerates the approval process while protecting margin.

Sales managers working with Marketron REV have access to a visual reporting suite that gives visibility into pipeline, committed orders, top sellers and how stations are performing against targets. With transparent reporting the sales team can make better-informed decisions based on real-time data.

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