Max Maxwell On Business Tips And Why Black Entrepreneurs Are Needed Now More Than Ever

NC Native Max Maxwell on business tips and why Black entrepreneurs are needed now more than ever!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —It’s national entrepreneurship month! What better way to kick it off with some tips from a NC native that’s making major waves in the business world. Max Maxwell is an entrepreneur who went from being homeless to building a multi-million dollar real estate company. 

Now, he’s encouraging people in the Queen City to consider starting a business of their own. From building a multi-million real estate company, getting his pilot license,  to even sharing a stage with Gary V, there’s not much Max Maxwell hasn’t accomplished. 

But what you probably don’t know about the North Carolina native is that for him, success came after facing homelessness and hitting rock bottom. Maxwell says, “I started my company six years ago while I was living at my mom’s house.” 

He says if you’re just starting out in the business world, you don’t need to have everything figured out. Maxwell says, “There’s a bunch of things that you can do that you don’t need the money to start but the one thing you need to do is identify a problem that you’re willing to solve.”  

Although Black-owned and operated businesses face specific challenges and oftentimes go overlooked, according to Forbes, the number of Black people going into business continues to grow. 

The real estate mogul says he hopes that the Black community will come together and start something that will create generational wealth. 

Maxwell says, “One thing I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is that starting a business by yourself is overrated. So, go out and find somebody that you trust and somebody that you like to work with, and someone you don’t mind being with everyday. Somebody that will compliment your weaknesses that you have. You may have the idea and the hustle but someone else may have the finance part of it. It’s so you won’t have to do everything by yourself.” 

Max Maxwell has a free event today at 6 p.m. at Venture X on Morehead Street. For more information, click here

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