Edge On The Clock: Las Vegas Raiders Waive Damon Arnette After Gun Video

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Las Vegas Raiders have waived cornerback Damon Arnette after a video emerged on social media which showed Arnette holding up several guns and threatening to kill someone. We have watched the video, and we are not going to play it here for you on The Edge. The 25-year-old Arnette, who has been on injured reserve since week 4 of the NFL season, was a Raiders’ first-round pick out of Ohio State in 2020.

Plus, Carole Baskin, the woman from the Netflix show Tiger King, says she was offered to join a a secret support group for A-listers who are traumatized by the trials of fame.

And, the NCAA is setting the stage for a dramatic restructuring of college sports that will give each of its three divisions the power to govern itself.

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